About Tiscar Valles



Hello, my name is Tiscar, I am an artist, I can define my self-impressionist and realistic as a painter, specialist in portrait, landscape, and muralist in several themes.

I have experience in an art exhibition, teaching, and selling.

I am specialist in Oil painting, Pastel, Drawing,  Acrylic, but I can work with all the elements and over any surface.

My influence an Artist is coming in the first place from my country and all the places that I was staying for a long time and Artist as Dalí, Sorolla, European Impressionist Artist. I mixed my style with my influence and love for the American Western Scene my travels through North of California with the vineyards. I can say I get absolutely inspired by the Rocky Mountains and Yellowstone.
I can say I have all my life of experience as an Artist cause I started drawing, Oil, Pastel and watercolor when I was a kid with my mother who had also an Art Studio and is an amazing Artist and portrait painter, I also learn from her sculpture.

I am offering the best quality of Art.

Paintoutstudio.com | Arttiscar.webs.com
Skills & Abilities
Portrait Painting
Painted portraits all of my life, and portraits of clients for thirty-five years, professionally.
Painting Instructor
Twenty-five years of professional art instructor experience, both in Arizona and in Madrid where I give classes and had my own Art Studio.
I currently organize weekly painting events in venues, always supporting local businesses, all around the State of Arizona, in the Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Fountain Hills areas.
Mural Painting.
Have painted many large-scale murals, my styles are Realism, Impressionism to create beautiful landscapes, and an expert at painting Arizona-inspired deserts as I can envision the landscape with my eyes closed since I have been a resident of Arizona for over thirteen years and have been in awe of the uniqueness of Arizona. You can visit first hand one of my murals at the New Mexican Restaurant “Los Dos Molinos” in Mesa, where you can also find a portrait I painted of the founder of the franchise Victoria Chavez.  I have some more in a public place a meditation room in Scottsdale Arizona, a beautiful mural inside my client’s home in Phoenix that features a beautiful Arizona valley with the Superstition Mountain, and life-like saguaro cacti.

Thirty-five years of professional art experience, and have always been connected with the arts, especially oil painting and sculpture, that is what I saw every day growing up with my family.

I grew up in the art galleries, my mom’s exhibitions and her art classes, and visiting museums, such as the world famous, "El Prado." I never lost the opportunity to admire the famous painting, "El Guernica" by Picasso.

I always draw and paint, with not so much importance, because it was something that came naturally. It was a great experience and good opportunity to attend every day at the "Circulo de Bellas Artes" in Madrid. It was there I had the possibility to learn to draw and paint the human model.
Since then I have also enjoyed being a professional portrait artist.

Madrid is an awesome place for somebody who loves arts, and so is Arizona, my home where I draw much inspiration from its deserts, colors, vegetation, weather, sunsets, and sunrises.

Our family arrived in Arizona in 2005, and since then I have had the pleasure to share my art with thousands of Arizona residents, through my many painting classes which I have done through my meetup Paintout Studio since 2016.
I began to gain popularity and recognition as an artist and art teacher in the area. In a year, I had my own art studio in Madrid, I was also the teacher in the district, I had wonderful students, kids and adults, I prepared beautiful art exhibitions for them.
Exhibitions in Spain
C.C. Buero Vallejo and Miguel de Cervantes | Madrid, Spain | 1995, 96, 97
HANS Gallery | Manuel Becerra Street, Madrid, Spain | 1997, 98
Ponton Gallery | Collado Villa
US Exhibitions
Grand Canyon Wine, Fountain Hills. Scottsdale. Arizona January 2017
Los Dos Molinos. Mesa Arizona. 2016