Murals and Decorative Arts


Meeting Horses     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Call of the Sirens     Late 2018

by Tiscar Valles

Entering the Ranch    2018

by Tiscar Valles

I was a Monster, Paranoia     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Beach House Balcony     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Wandering Sunset      2018

by Tiscar Valles

Sailboats and Turtles     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Deep in the Desert     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Relaxing in the Summer Time     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Tropical Courtyard     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Realistic Ocean Waves     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Real Waves in Arizona     2018

by Tiscar Valles

Discovery Conversation & Complimentary Consultation

Give me a call 602 882 7332 or send me an email at with a description of your project, including the size of the wall/walls, brief description of the space and your vision/ideas (if you have) for the artwork. I offer a complimentary consultation either via phone call or onsite in person, but I recommend the personal meeting. It would be ideal if you could send me photos of the space. After our in-depth conversation about the project, I will provide you with a written work estimate.

Mural Pricing

The cost of a wall mural or custom artwork is determined by size, level of intricacy/detail, and location (such as wall or ceiling and height; exterior or interior). The following provides a quick ballpark estimate for a mural, and includes costs for design, labor, and materials.

Decorative Painter

As a professional mural artist and decorative painter, I also utilize techniques for painting on surfaces other than walls. Murals painted on canvas can be installed much like wallpaper, or stretched to a wood frame like fine art paintings. My standard canvas material is Class “A” fire rated. Outdoor murals can also be painted on screen material that makes the mural/painting weatherproof and suitable for exterior display.

Design Process and Draft

My approach to design is to collaborate with my clients as much as they wish to participate in the creative process. It is essential that we begin the design process with a clear description of the "feel" or "mood" and style of the mural. This is typically achieved through a collaborative brainstorming session, and by sharing visual ideas and images that might inspire the artwork.

Want us to create a beautiful mural for your space?

Hello! I have more than 35 years of experience in the Art industry as a painter, specialist in portrait, landscape and Arizona Desert.
I am from Spain with a lot of influences of the best artist as Dalí, Sorolla and other European Artists, I have all my life of experience.
I am offering the best quality in Art.

I have experience in art exhibition, teaching and selling. I have skills in oil painting, pastel, drawing, acrylic painting.


Mural specialist
For your Mural I can paint what you need, also help with the design for your wall. I am highly experienced in all art mediums and the styles.

I am free to travel to your location even if it is in the surrounding states of Arizona, or depending on demand, even farther.

For the home or business, I will ask to see the wall and discuss with you about the project, so that we can bring the best of your imagination to life.

I provide a concept sketch before I start.

Depending on the design, and the measures of the murals a price will be created.

Your satisfaction is our final goal.